a dreamland report


we all dream.

we all must die, to0, but that's another $tory.

a journal of dreams is a voy/age into the depths of your own mind.

or my mind, in this case.

de∱eating zombies with socia1 media_ will be an incursion into the territory where marvels and terRors alike come from.

a journey into an unchArted land, an @tempt to chart it for the first time:

on the road & sky_ weird land$capes_ between the pages_ tHe chills_ fair visions_ shatt€red glass_ screen of the mind_ oneiria_

it wi\ll be an e-book and an e-xperiment.

sign up with your em@il to be noti∱ied when it comes alive.

or just c0me back whenever you want.

and keep dreaming...


> sh0oting @ the stor€